Intentional Mothering


Lately, I have been focusing on cultivating peace and contentment in my home, my family, and my heart.  It is so easy for me to become overwhelmed with business, relationships, commitments, raising tiny humans- the usual things.  I recently went through a rough time in motherhood. I felt like my kid wouldn’t listen to me or respect me. I was constantly frustrated and feeling like I wasn’t doing it right.  I didn’t know what to do to make my toddler obey me and learn how to be a responsible human being. I know that it’s always hard with toddlers, but I felt defeated. I dreaded being alone with my kids because I knew there was going to be a fight at some point during the day.


But then, God. (I shouldn’t have been surprised at this point.  God always calls me out when I am feeling like things aren’t going my way.)


I felt God telling me that it wasn’t my toddler’s behavior that was the root of the problem.  It was MY attitude. It was the way I was expecting something difficult to happen, the way I reacted in a testing situation, the way I felt towards motherhood in itself.  I’ve heard the phrase “the mother sets the tone for the home,” and I was realizing that it was true. So naturally, I rejected it for a while, because that’s what we do. But God kept pressing in.  Challenging me to be thankful for everything, especially the difficulties. That’s where things began to change. I am still growing an attitude of thankfulness in all circumstances. , and this attitude produces joy in the soul.  It keeps me in touch with all of the blessings and with the reality that I am not in control. I can’t be in control. Next, God nudged me to pursue contentment and joy in my attitude. Especially in the mornings. Especially when I feel like there isn’t enough coffee to cure my exhaustion.  But I tell myself daily that He is my source of strength to get me through the day (even when I don’t feel weak). He is my joy and contentment. All things come from Him. All are gifts. So, He challenged me to do something practical: to get up before my kids and spend time in Scripture and prayer.  So, this week, I did that. I woke up before my children on a regular basis, and I prayed. I read.  I decided to have a positive attitude and committed my day to glorify the Lord.  

And you know what? My house has been peaceful. My heart has been contented. My children have been a blessing to others, and my toddler has been growing in obedience. I was encouraged, growing as a human, and I still am. And I was prompted to write this.


So, mamas, give Him your day, your circumstances, your disobedient children, your struggling marriage, your discouraged heart, your frustrations, your life.  Peace and contentment will grow, and know that you are not alone.


I’m not going to pretend that I know everything about motherhood, because I don’t.  I’m merely a soul who is searching for Jesus daily, learning things along the way about raising people, being married, loving well, and serving more than what is comfortable.  I’m in a cycle of failing, repenting, changing, growing, trusting, learning, and sanctifying. Daily. And I’m grateful for that.