Labor Doula

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At Born Well, our passion is to help women have healthy birth experiences. We focus on encouraging, educating, and empowering women through their pregnancies and childbirth. 

The word “doula” comes from the greek word “doulos”, meaning servant. That is our mission. Our hearts are to serve women and support families to make well informed decisions that ensure a positive birthing experience. We attend births in homes, birthing centers, and hospitals, whatever your birth plan. We are here to serve.

Our team of professional doulas provide emotional, physical and informational support to women throughout their pregnancies and childbirth. We also provide professional birth photography as well.

We are faith-based in our ministry as well as business. We believe in the sanctity of human life and that God has created all life equal and strive to uphold these values:

+ We believe that a compassionate heart is essential.

+ We value integrity in all that we do.

+ We strive to respect all people, parents, physicians and professionals.

Please fill out the form on our contact page if you would like to request more information about our services. Serving families in the greater Charlotte, NC area.

Allie LaPointe, CLD is a CAPPA certified labor doula, birth photgrapher, and founder of Born Well. Allie is an experienced labor doula trained in labor progress and various natural labor methods, including positioning, movement, relaxation, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and visualization. Allie has a passion for empowering women during childbirth and is a great addition to your birth team. She is a mom of 2, wife, follower of Jesus. lover of nature + coffee.

Kristin Albaugh is a labor doula, girl mama to 3 littles 3 & under, content developer at Born Well Doula, runner, dreamer, reader, and fellow coffee drinker! Lover of Jesus and deep, intentional conversations! Kristin’s love for women is rooted in her passion for global justice as well as family life as a wife and mom. She is passionate about educating and empowering parents and supporting them to make their best birthing decisions with a gospel-centered perspective together with evidence based research. 

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