Bone Broth at Home

Bone broth is highly nutritious and is a great addition to your home.  Unfortunately, it is pretty pricey to buy at grocery stores. But the good news is that it is easy and CHEAP to make at home!

What are the benefits of bone broth? It helps fight inflammation in the gut, which helps keep you healthy and cure disease. It is a good source of gelatin and collagen, which is super beneficial for a number of things including hair, nail and skin health, providing healthy protein, easing joint pain, helping digestion, maintaining healthy bones, improving sleep quality, helping with weight loss, and just overall healing for the body.

Bone broth is perfect to use in soups or to drink plain for the pregnant or postpartum mama! I give it to my kids, as well! During the cold/ flu season, I am constantly making bone broth soups to help keep us all healthy, and you know I make it 100% of the time when one of us is sick.

I hope this is helpful to you mamas!

Xoxo, Allie


*I only use the best quality bones I can find for making bone broth. The best place to get bones is from a local farmer that uses organic practices and has grass fed beef/ lamb. Another good and cheap option is to use the bones from an organic whole chicken after cooking.

*To save money and reduce waste, save all of your veggie scraps from preparing other meals. Keep them in a freezer bag in your freezer, and use the frozen scraps I your bone broth! My favorite veggies to use in bone broth are carrots, garlic, onions, and celery.

*When the broth is cold, it should be like jello! That’s a good sign!

*Freezing: store the broth in your fridge for a week, and freeze it in plastic containers/ freezer jars. You can also freeze it in ice cube trays and store it in a freezer bag so you can have individual serving-size portions ready to go!

Bone Broth Method


  • good quality bones (example: bones from an organic chicken carcass)
  • Vegetables (whole or veggie scraps) 1-2 cups worth
  • Water
  • A few pinches of salt
  • Fresh herbs (I use parsley/ rosemary/ bay leaves)
  • Splash of apple cider vinegar


  • roast the bones in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes
  • Place all of the ingredients (besides water) into a large stock pot or slow cooker
  • Cover with water
  • Cook in low for 24 hours
  • Strain the liquid and discard the solids
  • Store in quart size containers and use for soups/ cooking/ sipping daily!

*For Instant Pot, cook on high pressure for 2.5 hours and let the pressure release naturally

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