Pelvic Floor Therapy Chats + a Coupon!

Let’s talk about the PELVIC FLOOR.
Pelvic floor health is one of the topics least talked about when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum. Most people are just told to “do your kegels,” which is actually has not much benefit to it, when done alone.
This postpartum, I have been doing a pelvic floor therapy program (online and cheap!) to help me heal from diastasis recti (the separation of abdomen muscles) and pelvic floor weakness/ tightness/ dysfunction.
Most mamas have some sort of pelvic floor dysfunction after baby- it’s normal! Your body has done so much to grow that human. Most people just joke about how all moms can’t do jumping jacks or sneeze or jump on a trampoline without peeing a little (where are all my mamas at?). They tell you your body will never be the same.
But what they don’t tell you, is that THAT IS NOT TRUE. You CAN get control over your pelvic floor and have normal functions again!
Through investing in and focusing on my pelvic floor health over the last month, I have seen so much improvement.
So mamas, whether you are pregnant, 1 month, 1 year, or 10 years postpartum, it’s not too late to regain strength and health in your pelvic floor.
Click the button below to get 20% off the online program I am doing, Ab Rehab by Nancy Anderson! This program is designed by postnatal professionals, therapists, and doctors, and I highly recommend it! They even have a special program add-on for c-section recovery!

I’m sharing this pic so y’all don’t think that just because I’m taking care of myself, I have a flat tummy. Bodies change, and it’s healthy and normal!

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